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Semiconductor material

SiO2, ZnO

sne-4500m plus

Key Strength of Table-Top SEM(4500M Plus) system by SEC Co.,Ltd

Max. 150,000x of magnification by miniaturizing modules

Able to scan images with high resolution of 5nm

Various detectors which create surface information images (SE), and material information images (BSE)

Able to get images of variable angles via Tilting -45°~90°, and easily analyze EDS

User-friendly optimized U.I


This acts as an insulating film, preventing leakage current between circuits, and at the same time acting as a dielectric, and acts as a protective film for the wafer in subsequent processes. The thermal oxidation method is mainly used as a method of coating an oxide film, and in this process, the technology has developed in a way to increase the respective oxidation efficiency.


 There is a report that a general ZnO semiconductor exists as an n-type or that a p-type transfer characteristic is made in the presence of no-wire ZnO.

When the ZnO thin film was deposited, crystallinity appeared, and it can be seen that when the heat treatment was performed, oxygen cavities were generated and changed to amorphous characteristics.


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