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Animal fur

For Biology, Environmental and Research

sne-4500m plus

Key Strength of Table-Top SEM(4500M Plus) system by SEC Co.,Ltd

Max. 150,000x of magnification by miniaturizing modules

Able to scan images with high resolution of 5nm

Various detectors which create surface information images (SE), and material information images (BSE)

Able to get images of variable angles via Tilting -45°~90°, and easily analyze EDS

User-friendly optimized U.I

High resolution

Fast vacuuming time


Stage tilt

(-45 to 90 degree)

Easy to learn

Tabletop-SEM has been developed with compact design and minimization of Module for normal SEM.  It is easy to use for everyone and has reasonable price. It is used for the purpose of development, quality assurance or etc in corporations, government offices and universities.

Many animals have a variety of fur.

We can expect to know the characteristics, life, and environment of animals through their fur.

Common mammals have fur, and the characteristics of fur are clearly identified as below.

A has a lot of utilization value in biotechnology and can add the following options.

Without any processing such as sampling, fixation, dehydration, gry and coating

Analysis after freeze stage/ stub quickly

Water evaporation control for sample



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