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Gallium nitride(GaN)

For Wafer, Semiconductor

sne-4500m plus

Key Strength of Table-Top SEM(4500M Plus) system by SEC Co.,Ltd

Max. 150,000x of magnification by miniaturizing modules

Able to scan images with high resolution of 5nm

Various detectors which create surface information images (SE), and material information images (BSE)

Able to get images of variable angles via Tilting -45°~90°, and easily analyze EDS

User-friendly optimized U.I

High resolution

Fast vacuuming time


Stage tilt

(-45 to 90 degree)

Easy to learn

GaN can handle power with high efficiency at high frequencies and can cut losses in half with half space while providing the same power compared to SiC.

The band gaps of GaN and 4H-SiC are 3.4 eV and 3.2 Ev.

Respectively, which is higher than 1.1 eV of silicon.

If semiconductors have improved ability to withstand voltage,

components such as chip size, peripheral circuits,

and heat sinks can minimize size. Power consumption is also reduced.

Therefore, it is suitable for use in IT device chargers, 5G-related parts, industrial facilities, and electric vehicles that consume a lot of power.

If the charger is manufactured with GaN semiconductors, the size can be reduced to less than half compared to the previous one with the same capacity. Currently, various types of aftermarket GaN charger markets are formed in the market.



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